Co-parenting after separation – Philippa Johnson

As part of Family Mediation Week 2021, FMA board member and former chair Philippa Johnson has written an article about co-parenting after separation. If you are divorcing or separating and you have children they will be your main concern – and bothof you probably agree on that, whatever else you may disagree about. You may […]

FMA Statement Family Mediation Week 2021

FMA is supporting Family Mediation Week 2021. In previous years, the FMA has taken the lead on coordinating all the activity of Family Mediation Week. By agreement, this year the FMC are coordinating Family Mediation Week for the first time. The FMA is of course actively supporting Family Mediation Week directly itself and aims to […]

3 Top Tips for Parents – from someone speaking from experience

Emily Morris 23 is a Fixer. She is also in her final year of her law degree at The University of York. Emily’s parents are divorced. This process began whilst Emily was an A-Level student living at home. Emily found little information to support herself and her sisters. With the support of FixersUK, Emily wrote […]