How do we tell our children about separation/divorce? by Lisa Parkinson

  How do we tell our children about separation/divorce? Parents who are splitting up may try to protect their children from worry and upset by not talking to them about it. But children pick up a lot of what is going on around them. They need information and reassurance. When older children and young people are […]

How do we tell the children we are getting divorced?  

How do we tell the children we are getting divorced?   Parents who have made the decision to separate or divorce are often very concerned about the best way to talk to their children about the decision. This is something that is often discussed when mediation is started early in the separation process. In mediation […]

Why I trained as a PPC?

I started my career in 2001 working as a mental health nurse. I had regular  1:1 and group supervision sessions with my supervisor and my peers.  I found this support invaluable. When I qualified as a solicitor I was shocked by the different culture and the complete lack of  any form of holistic support structure. […]

Do I still need a Lawyer if I decide to mediate?

The core principles of family mediation are that mediation is voluntary, mediators are impartial, mediation is confidential and without prejudice, except in certain very limited circumstances and, crucially in this context, that decision making in mediation rests with you the client (which requires the mediator to be neutral, offering information but not advice). Whilst a […]

What is the difference between the FMC and the FMA?

What is the difference between the FMC and the FMA? So many acronyms, so little clear information! These two organisations are quite different but have very similar names – and to make matters worse there is some overlap in terms of the work they do. Both organisations work hard to promote family mediation (which is […]

A safe pair of hands? – By Anthony Syder

A safe pair of hands? When working with families going through change, we feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that they receive high quality service and care. When you want to refer a client for mediation, many solicitors are wondering “How do I know that I’m referring my client to a quality mediator?” Our […]

Could you be a Family Mediator? – By Sarah Smith

Could you be a Family Mediator? The continuing pandemic has made many rethink their life or career choices. If being a family mediator could be a way forward for you, here’s what you need to know to get started. Can anyone set themselves up as a mediator? In theory yes… however, I could call myself […]

‘What happened to family mediation in 2020’ – Philippa Johnson

To mark the end of Family Mediation Week 2021, FMA board member and former chair Philippa Johnson has written an article ‘What happened to family mediation in 2020’ which not only looks back over the least 12 months but looks to the future of family mediation in 2021. My mediation service used to offer online media)ons to families, […]