How do you become a mediator?

3 step overview


Complete an accredited foundation training course.


After successfully completing the course: You will be able to work as a co-mediator, i.e. work with another mediator who has the skills and experience needed to support you as you start to meet with mediation clients. You will need to do 10 hours of co-mediation work before you are able to mediate on your own. You will be allocated a professional practice consultant (PPC) to act as your supervisor.


After both of the above, you will be able to work towards becoming a mediator accredited by the Family Mediation Council. Becoming accredited requires the assessment of a portfolio which contains examples of your mediation work. It takes most mediators about 2 years of actively working as a family mediator to build up their portfolio.

Once you are accredited, you will be able to conduct mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMs).

The FMA’s Foundation Training Course

We are very proud of our Family Mediation Standards Board-approved foundation training course and of the many wonderful mediators who have trained with us using our robust model of interdisciplinary mediation.