The FMA is delighted to announce our first in-person YFMA event!

The conference will be a whole day forum. As with all our YFMA events the conference will be a fantastic opportunity to meet with other mediators; share experiences and develop further knowledge and grow your practice.

The date of the event is the 18th October 2024, with venue being in London.

Throughout the day we will be hosting sessions on topics of interest to developing mediators:

  • Legal Aid and funding for mediation.
  • Setting up and developing a mediation practice.
  • Screening, identifying and managing domestic abuse.
  • Managing conflict during the mediation process.


We also delighted to announce that a series of speakers will join the conference to facilitate and support the sessions, which will be interactive, engaging and thought provoking:

  • Leah Caldwell
  • Cathy Francis and Katy Harris
  • Ruth Hay
  • Claire Webb