An Integrated Approach to Family Mediation – 10th October (in person, London) and 24th October (online)

An Integrated Approach to Family Mediation – 10th October (in person, London) and 24th October (online)

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At a time of unprecedented Government and judicial interest in Mediation, with limited additional funding available through the voucher scheme, now is an ideal opportunity to broaden your mediation skills and strategies by gaining experience and confidence in the integrated approach.

Integrated Family Mediation (IFM) is not itself a new model but rather an approach or perspective which encourages the integration of many different strategies and theoretical bases from a variety of disciplines, to provide flexibility and opportunity for families. The Integrated Approach also encourages the integration of other professionals and supporters into the process, not least in lawyer-assisted mediation.

This course is for mediators who want to adopt an holistic and flexible approach, drawing on a variety of skills, strategies and resources. It is particularly suitable for mediators who are interested in inviting lawyers and other professionals into the mediation space and in making use of strategies used by non-family mediators and others, in a principled and professional way.

Traditionally, advanced mediation training has focussed on increased specialisation such as Child Inclusive Practice and PPC training. Here is an opportunity to broaden your practice – like its sister discipline, Integrative Therapy, this approach (evolutionary, rather than new) is against fragmentation, and provides a way of develop your mediation training and expertise to a higher, more ambitious level, to meet the challenges of a world in which we are told “mediation is the default.”

A new on-line two-day course from FMA for accredited family mediators (those working towards accreditation but with a significant amount of mediation experience may also apply, with the support of their PPC)


Philippa Johnson and Neil Robinson

The initial course in March 2022 was entirely on-line; from now on, the courses will be run as a hybrid, with one day in-person and one day on-line.

Some comments on the first course:

“Very thought provoking – it made me really consider other ways of structuring the mediation process.  It can be easy to get stuck in a set process so it has helped to broaden my awareness of what might be helpful and possible and to realise that we can look at other models whilst still complying with the Code of Practice.”

“This has made me open to and excited by different ways of working.  Who knew we were already doing it in small ways?!”

“Brilliant 2 day course run by the FMA on Integrated Mediation. Would highly recommend. Really helpful for family mediators interested in working in separate spaces, with lawyers and other professionals, encouraging creativity.”

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