All complaints now go through the FMC, you can visit their comlaints procedure here

One of the FMA’s objectives is to ensure that its mediator members comply with the FMC Code of Practice and the FMA’s own requirements for continuing education. All FMA mediators are bound by the Family Mediation Council Code of Practice, and are supervised by a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC); every FMA mediator member is required to meet regularly with their PPC to discuss best mediation practice.

Sometimes you may feel unhappy with the service that has been provided. If this happens it is important that you inform your mediator or mediation service as soon as you can. It may be possible to address your concerns simply by telephone or letter. However in some cases you may feel that you need the structure of a formal complaints procedure.

The FMA requires its members to have a written complaints procedure and to make a copy of that procedure available to every client. This is important because you must use your mediator’s own complaints procedure before contacting FMA. If you do not have a copy of the mediator’s complaints procedure, please ask your mediator or service to provide one. In the mediator’s complaints procedure you should find the contact details of the person you are supposed to contact initially about your complaint.

If after using your mediator ‘s complaints procedure you feel that your complaint has not been fully addressed then you may be able to take the matter further by contacting the FMA Board, in writing, at Family Mediators Association, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, Nasmyth Building, 2nd Floor, 60 Nasmyth Avenue, East Kilbride, G75 0QR, Scotland, tel 01355 244 594

FMA will only be able to deal with your complaint if:

  • the mediation process has come to an end
  • the mediators’ own complaints process has already been fully exhausted
  • the complaint involves a potential breach of the Code of Practice

After receiving your complaint the FMA will first contact your family mediator or mediation service to ensure that the mediator’s own complaints procedure has been used and exhausted. If the mediator’s complaints procedure has already been used then the FMA Board will set in motion its complaints procedure and will be in touch with you. The FMA’s complaints procedure applies to all current members of the FMA, and is designed to maintain the Family Mediation Council Code of Practice.

FMA Mediation Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure  2021 

Explanatory Notes to the Family Mediators Association (“FMA”) Complaints Procedure

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FMA Complaint Statement and Consent Form

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