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Whose Truth is it anyway – Ethics and Impartiality in Mediation

Date: November 26, 2024
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 12:00
Trainer/Speaker: Neil robinson
Price: Standard rate: £40 + VAT for members | £80 + VAT for non-members
A deeper conversation about ethics, values and impartiality in mediation – by popular request
How should we respond when our values and beliefs conflict with what we perceive to be our role as mediators?
And as mediation seeks to engage with a more diverse community and more challenging disputes, what happens if the values and beliefs of participants challenge our own?
An opportunity to revise our understanding of our core responsibilities, and to reflect in a safe space about the grey areas of our practice
Do come prepared to share real case experiences in small groups – and to expect more questions than answers!
2 hours + reading materials
Neil Robinson Mediator, Consultant, Trainer