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Putting into Practice – Building Confidence delivering Child Inclusive Mediation online

Date: November 8, 2024
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 12:00
Trainer/Speaker: Mabel Edge
Price: Standard rate: £40 + VAT for members | £80 + VAT for non-members

Have you attended Child Inclusive Mediation training and finding it
challenging getting parents on board?
Are you looking to build confidence in delivering Child Inclusive
Mediation online?
Wondering about different approaches to delivering CIM and how to
engage with young people during the process?

Then this workshop is for you.


Mabel Edge is an experienced Family Mediator and Supervisor and the
Mediators in her Practice focus on the delivery of Child Inclusive
Mediation. Mabel has a background as a Manager in Children and Young
People’s Services, NYAS and Action for Children ans has been involved
in ensuring the voice of the child was heard in all decisions being
made about them throughout her career.

Mabel’s mediation service delivers an average of 15 CIM Mediations
every month both online and face to face using different approaches
depending on the families needs.