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Estate Planning on Divorce

Date: October 10, 2024
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 12:00
Trainer/Speaker: Sharon Liptrott
Price: Standard rate: £40 + VAT for members | £80 + VAT for non-members

The training session will be based on knowledge sharing for your mediators, so they are better placed to steer their clients in the right direction and ensure the appropriate points are covered. We usually include a couple of case studies to help part the knowledge and show the pitfalls when appropriate action is not taken.  The session will also help mediators to understand the right questions to ask, and when.

  • A Marriage voids a Will, but a Divorce does not
  • Update your Will to remove the provisions for your ex-spouse and remove them from being your Executor
  • Revoke your Lasting Power of Attorney
  • If your ex-spouse is your Attorney
  • Set up a Trust for your children
  • Protect your children’s inheritance from your ex-spouse’s influence
  • Re Evaluate Guardianship
  • Your ex-spouse will probably be the Guardian of any minor children but what would happen if they were deemed unfit for the role or pass away before you?
  • Make sure your own children don’t miss out on their inheritance if your new partner/spouse inherits everything. (Commonly known as Sideways Disinheritance)


Jon O’Brien is the Senior Trust & Estate Planning Consultant with Finance North Estate Planning Services supported by Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation), based in Cheshire with over 16 years’ experience within a Private Solicitors Practice and over 8 years in the commercial legal market.

Areas of Law: Wills, Trusts, Probate & Estate Administration