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Family Mediation Week (23-27 Jan)

Organised by FMA, the aim of Family Mediation Week is to let more people know about the benefits of family mediation - we want to encourage separating couples to consider family mediation as a way to help them make decisions together.

This year's Family Mediation Week is built around the theme 'I wish my parents had known about family mediation'

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My parents’ separation would have been less upsetting for everyone if my parents had known about mediation

 I was chatting to my new hairdresser (Mandy, 23). She asked me what I do for a living – “I try to help separating and divorcing families talk through some of the upset and conflict and help sort out arrangements …

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When you shouted . . .

This video was created in partnership with charity Voices in the Middle, and features a poem based on lines contributed by young people describing what it feels like to be shouted at. You can find Voices in the Middle on Twitter …

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