Why join the FMA as an affiliate?

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Why join the FMA as an affiliate?

The Family Mediators Association is a thriving organisation representing over 300 family mediators who are all passionate about one thing :- enabling families to resolve issues on their relationship breakdown as amicably as possible.

However, FMA is not just a membership organisation for family mediators.   We welcome other individuals who although they may not be family mediators,  they are supportive of the mediation process and the benefit it brings.

Who are our affiliates

Affiliates can be independent financial advisors, pension advisors, accountants, lawyers, financial planners, family therapists, mediators trained other than in England and Wales or another professional with an interest in family mediation.  Their common goal is that they all support the mediation process and are committed to   helping families resolve issues amicably.

Why become an affiliate of the FMA?

When you become an affiliate, you become part of the mediation community.  You will be able to access training discounts, receive our regular newsletter and offer your skills to family mediators in your area.  Your details will be listed on our website and you will be able to use our FMA affiliate logo.  By being listed on our website you are not only letting our mediator members know that you are able to work with them and their clients in the mediation process,  but you are also letting members of the public know that you are supportive of mediation.

How do I become a member?

You will need to subscribe to the FMC Code of Conduct and pay a fee for each year you are a member.  For 2022 this is £100

We spoke to some of our current affiliates to find out why they chose to join FMA.

Why did you decide to become an affiliate member?

I wanted to support those Mediation lawyers I know so well, recognising their professional skills in this sensitive area. Even now the ‘no blame’ option is here, there has to be space for conciliation.

Why do you consider Family Mediation to be so important?

Families need to look at themselves and their behaviour around this difficult time and protect their children (and themselves) however things manifest themselves.

What benefits do you think there are in being a member of FMA?

Working with like-minded professionals who start with the premise that there is a solution that all can be happy with, avoiding the adversarial route if at all possible.

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