FMA’s New Website Launched for National Family Mediation Week

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It’s all about communication – mediation, the website, the world! We didn’t think we were communicating as well as we could, particularly with all those people who want to know more about family mediation but don’t know where they can find reliable information. So, today we are launching the new FMA website, to coincide with Family Mediation Week, when all family mediators work extra hard to explain to people what family mediation is and how it can help families dealing with separation, divorce or some other major issue.

We want to use the new site to initiate new conversations with families, with mediators, and with each other. We have put a lot of information onto the new site, and we have thought carefully about the words we use and the way those words are laid out. We hope that we have managed to say what we mean in a clear and helpful way. We also hope there aren’t any problems lurking in our shiny new toy, but experience tells us that someone out there will try something we haven’t yet tried, and find out that the site doesn’t do quite what we wanted it to. Please do let us know what you think about the site, about the words we have chosen, the images we have had designed for us, the layout and the way the site actually works. Whether you are a member of the public or a member of FMA, we promise to do our best to fix any problems you find, and if we can’t, to explain why.

The new site is designed to help people to find out more about family mediation, and also to make it easy to find a professional qualified family mediator who works locally. The site also contains information for lawyers and other professionals who have clients who may benefit from mediation, for practising mediators from other organisations, for the press and last but by no means least, for FMA members, who have a dedicated area containing information only they can see. We want to know how we can help you, and are very much looking forward to communicating with you in new and better ways, starting now.

The FMA Board – November 2014