Foundation Training Testimonial

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I can’t praise the FMA enough for the way my training was carried out, and all that I have learnt from it. My trainers, Ruth and Helen, were absolutely brilliant, and the people in my group were all so amazing, that we’re all still in touch.

The FMA training has really opened my eyes as to how difficult a task a Mediator has, and also as to how much more we can all do in our respective professions to champion out of court dispute resolutions. My training has been very hardcore, very interactive, via zoom and in person, and it was all really well organised. I really appreciated all the roleplays as scary as they seemed at first, as they really helped me gain the confidence and practice to deal with real people. I walked out of the first training session, already having a different mindset – wanting to encourage other legal professionals to learn more about mediation and its benefits.

The FMA have also been really supportive in me finding the right PPC for me. My trainers recommended a particular person as my PPC, and since our very first meeting after I had finished my training, she has really taken the time to hear about my experiences, co-mediation with my colleague William Hogg, and answer all the questions I had, and guide me. I am very grateful to be guided by such amazing and experienced Mediators.

When you graduate from school you are left to it to take the next step in life/career, not with the FMA. I have felt really supported since my training and there has been a lot of after-care since. The whole association is very inclusive as I frequently get updates and am invited to FMA meetings, despite only being fairly new to mediation. If anyone wanted to become a Mediator, I would thoroughly recommend they train with the FMA.”

Ingrid Starcic, Jan 2022