Digital Family Law Service being developed

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Digital Family Law Service being developed
Earlier this month, Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) started enabling people to issue divorce petitions online, which has apparently reduced to nearly zero the number of errors that previously led to so many paper versions being returned.
HMCTS divorce service manager Adam Lennon has explained that: “we will, over the coming months make the rest of the process digital – including the response from the other spouse to the application and the final certificate of divorce – making the whole process simpler to understand and navigate.” HMCTS is currently working with legal professionals to develop an online application for them to use which will allow them to submit a petition on behalf of a client online. The pronouncement of the decree nisi by a judge will continue to happen in a courtroom.
The goal for HMCTS is to digitise all court forms, including the family forms, involving a radical revision of both court forms and court orders.
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