Child Maintenance Enforcement

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The House of Commons library has produced a briefing paper which sets out the changes to child maintenance enforcement proposed in July 2018 and (except for the welfare benefits change) due to be implemented in the autumn of 2018.. The paper identifies the key measures as:

  • inclusion of unearned income in the initial calculation of child maintenance;
  • calculation of notional income from non-income generating assets;
  • deductions for ongoing maintenance at the flat rate from Universal Credit claimants with earnings;
  • deductions from welfare benefits where arrears have accrued but ongoing child maintenance is no longer paid;
  • deductions from business bank accounts;
  • removal of passports from non-resident parents who do not pay arrears;
  • writing off more legacy Child Support Agency (CSA) cases where debt is owed to the person with care, subject to certain safeguards;
  • writing off all CSA debt owed to the Government by non-resident parents (some £1.2 billion).

More information and the full briefing paper can be found here: