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The draft guidance to Cafcass Practice issued by Cafcass in July 2017 has been revised following concessions made by Cafcass in the course of judicial review proceedings brought by Nagalro (the Professional Association for Children’s Guardians, Family Court Advisers and Independent Social Workers). Many mediators are concerned about the proposed changes to Cafcass’ practice and will be interested in the Nagalro guide released last month, which identifies remaining problems with the Cafcass document, recommends other material and passes on information gained during the judicial review as to how the Cafcass document is intended to be interpreted.

The Nagalro document can be found here; the private law section begins on page 6. An article written on the subject by Judith Timms OBE, who is one of FMA’s vice presidents and also Policy Consultant to Nagalro, can be found here