12 April Research on damage caused by arguing parents

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Dr Gloria Moroni from the Department of Economics and Related Studies at the

University of York has just published an analysis of 19,000 UK children born in 2000 to see how divorce impacts on children’s behaviour. As has been seen in studies from other countries, the results suggest that behavioural problems, such as emotional development and hyperactivity, among children of divorced parents may be explained by conflicts between parents in the lead up to the divorce.

Gloria Moroni explains: “inter-parental conflict may be even more harmful to a child’s development than parental dissolution itself.” In relation to gaps in the skills of children whose parents choose to divorce, “the non-cognitive gaps are mostly driven by the fact that parents who divorce have more conflictual relationships.” She suggests that interventions that encourage parents to co-operate, or that make them aware of the negative impact of conflicts on children, could help to close these non-cognitive gaps. Dr Moroni said her research could be used to help Government interventions to better educate parents about the impact they might be having on their child’s development. “

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