It is only a few months since the FMSB was established by the FMC. We are paying a lot of attention to the way we work on a number of dimensions – as a regulatory board, with our sponsor the FMC, with the family mediation profession, and with the wider justice system including the Ministry of Justice.

The Board will be guided by its core purpose – the protection of the public. In so doing it will secure the integrity of the profession of family mediation and provide the appropriate protection and support for mediators working to the high standards expected of them.

The hallmarks of the Board’s work will be rigour, independence, sensitivity and transparency.

We will be rigorous in delineating, applying and monitoring the professional standards agreed with the Family Mediation Council.

In doing so we will maintain impartiality, independent of interests inside and outside of the profession.

Nonetheless, we will exercise sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the profession, engaging with members and their representative organisations as we go forward – you can expect to meet us out and about as much as we can manage.

This will require us to deal openly with the public and the profession, being transparent about our processes and decisions, while recognising the need for confidentiality in individual cases.

Our currently top priority is to launch the process of registration and ensure that relevant information about all registered family mediators is appropriately recorded. This is due to get under way as planned during September.

Robert Creighton
Chair, FMSB

26 August 2015