Zoom – Online FMA Effective Screening for Domestic Abuse in Mediation

Zoom – Online FMA Effective Screening for Domestic Abuse in Mediation

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Trainer Adrienne Cox

 A 1 day course divided into 2 half day courses (part 1 and part 2) for online training

Course objective

Effective and appropriate screening and assessment of mediation suitability is paramount in ensuring positive outcomes in mediation for all participants.  Research carried out by Anne Barlow and colleagues in ‘Creating Paths to Family Justice’ in 2017 found that “inadequate screening may lead to traumatic mediation experiences and / or unfair or dangerous outcomes.”

This course will be divided into 2 half days.  Part 1 will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of domestic abuse and coercive control in particular.  You will explore the potential impact of coercive control on a victim/survivor and their children and how these experiences might affect their ability to take part in mediation in a safe and helpful way.

Part 2 will provide you with an increased knowledge of a variety of possible assessment tools available and a forum to discuss and develop your skills, to carry out more effective screening.   Making a correct assessment as to the suitability of mediation once you have screened, is as important as the screening.  You will have an opportunity to consider a variety of possible scenarios and explore signposting options, and therefore gain confidence in making assessments, so that, as far as possible, only clients that are suited to the mediation process proceed to mediation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for mediators of all levels.

Course content

Part 1

  • The sharing of research/ information to encourage a deeper understanding of domestic abuse in the mediation context, both in person and online
  • Discussion and exercises to explore the possible impact of coercive control on the mediation client (and their family)
  • Discussion and presentation on tactics used by a perpetrator of coercive control
  • Case study discussion and exercises in small break out groups to provide opportunities to develop new skills and reflect on own practice
  • Group discussions to help support best practice

Part 2

  • Presentation of relevant research to support your practice, including the Australian Family Law Doors (Detection of Overall Risk Screen) tool and other UK risk assessment tools
  • Sharing of questions, approaches and strategies to assist mediators with both screening and assessment of suitability
  • Consideration of differences between screening in person and screening online and how to ensure a continued focus on safeguarding
  • Supporting clients where decision of ‘not suitable’ has been made
  • Group discussions to help support best practice

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