Working towards accreditation (WTA) Training Course Package

Working towards accreditation (WTA) Training Course Package

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This course package is designed as an extension to the FMA’s foundation training for family mediation and is available to all FMA members and Non-members registered with the FMC as working towards accreditation (WTA). What do newly trained mediator need to be able to do in their practice, and show (in their portfolio ) and include the following topics

Enhancing knowledge of the law 

Trainer: Philippa Johnson

Date 30 April 2021 10.00 am – 12 noon. ***Completed***


What key aspects of mediation practice/skill do WTA need to develop and how do they show this in their portfolio.

To include theory and underpinning knowledge and cross referencing against the relevant competences.

Trainer Vanessa Stirum

Date: 15 July 201 10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Portfolio preparation workshop.  ***Completed***

You can still register for the remaining 1 courses.

Sharing and learning from examples of case commentaries/understanding what the assessor wants to see in the case commentaries and the reflective account.

Trainers: Philippa Johnson and Vanessa Stirum

Date 22 October 2021 10.00-12.00

Cost is £25 + VAT and is open members and non-members registered with the FMC and working towards accreditation (WTA).