When impartiality is threatened: Connecting with Difficult Clients

When impartiality is threatened: Connecting with Difficult Clients

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When impartiality is threatened: Connecting with Difficult Clients

No matter how hard we try to act with impartiality, we naturally warm more to some people than to others, and this can result in judgements beginning to creep in. Even when we work at maintaining impartiality our judgements and preferences can impact how we interact with and mediate between clients. In this 2 hour session we will explore

  • Universal Human Needs as a way of understanding behaviour

  • Our needs in relation to different clients and behaviours

  • Understanding the needs of people we find more challenging as a way of increasing connection and warmth

Sarah Ludford  is a group facilitator, mediator, trainer and coach. She works with organisations, housing projects, schools, community groups, families and individuals. Her works facilitates clear and compassionate communication and understanding, improved wellbeing, collaboration, and walking towards and holding conflict with presence.

Sarah is known for her calm presence and capacity to be authentic and vulnerable in leadership. She helps organisations develop restorative approaches and increase resilience around conflict. She also runs training in Empathy Skills and Nonviolent Communication

Sarah trained in community mediation in 2000 and became an Advanced Practitioner in the Arts of Coaching in 2003. In 2015, she became a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and she is a founder member of the Conflict Transformation Weave for the Nonviolent Communication UK network. She has also trained in NVC Mediation and Restorative Circles. For more information visit: Sarahludford.co.uk and ctw-uk.com