Sustainable Agreements

Sustainable Agreements

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Most mediators get pretty good at moving parties towards some form of agreement, usually around the practical details that need to be sorted out. Clients often leave our rooms feeling a sense of accomplishment.

All too often, this sense of accomplishment is short-lived. Once back in the wider world, their communication no longer facilitated by a hard-working mediator, those agreements come adrift. Most of us have experienced the sense of disappointment when one party or the other gets back in touch to ask for their C100 so they can march off to court.

This day is an exploration around what we might do (and not do) to help parties emerge with more secure and sustainable agreements. We need to consider all stages of the mediation process – the initial assessment meeting, the joint session(s) and even the possibility of post-session support.  The aim of the day is not only to be more helpful to clients in the longer-term, but also to avoid those mediator moments of heart-sink and self-recrimination weeks or months down the line.

Trainer: Michael Jacobs