Summary Writing

Summary Writing

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Trainer is Beverley Sayers

You may have last considered your summary writing when you completed your assignments for your Mediation Foundation Course, or you may look at supervisee’s summaries on a regular basis. In either case this course will help you consider best practice in summary writing. We will address :-

  • Memorandum of Understanding (Privileged, Confidential, Without Prejudice documents)
  • Open Financial Summaries
  • Children Only Summaries
  • Statement of Arrangements
  • Session Summary Letters

We will look at structure, content, rationale, inclusion and handling of disclosure, use of notes for the schedule, how to summarize and conclude, and how to consider the audience that summaries need to be written for: clients, solicitors, client’s children, partners and relations.

We will also consider how well-drafted summaries can help your marketing and mediation practice profile. Practical exercises will help you consider how to put into practice what has been discussed.

Anyone who has met Beverley will know she has enormous passion for good summary writing and so is delighted to be running this course. She passionately believes that good summary writing is at the heart of good mediation practice and should encapsulate mediation principles and process at its very core.