Relation Mediation 2 Day Course

Relation Mediation 2 Day Course

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2 days

2 day Relation Mediation course with Bill Hewlett

Bill Hewlett is the former Clinical Services Specialist in Family Dispute Resolution with Relationships Australia, and a lead trainer for the Australian Institute for Relationships Studies.

Bill has extensive experience in child inclusive mediation, having successfully practised as a Child Consultant for the past fifteen years.

As a consequence Bill has developed an innovative and effective training model of practice, which responds to the current challenges of the family law system specialising in working with highly conflicted clients.

Bill has published numerous articles on family issues and is frequently invited to present at conference and events internationally and through-out Australia.

What’s on offer?

Bill’s two-day intensive workshop offers training for practitioners who work with families where children are in danger of  trauma due to parental conflict.

Attendees will be shown how to assist parents in high conflict to move from a position of absolute blame of each other to one of mutual support through being facilitated to recognise and acknowledge their own role in keeping the conflict alive.

This acknowledgement brings about an innate reduction in blame because it is impossible to hold someone else completely responsible when you have recognised that you have played a role in your own circumstances.

This newly found recognition is intended to build resilience in parents and in their families and help them to avoid future conflict due to a greater understanding of the relational ingredients that ensure post separation family harmony.

What participants will learn

  • To gain an accessible and applicable working knowledge of attachment theory, neurobiology and trauma theory.
  • How to help the parent to have ‘flashes of insight’ into how they are contributing to their conflict with the other parent
  • How to deeply engage with a parent without endangering impartiality and neutrality.
  • To re-humanise the ‘other’ parent and to encourage empathy.
  • Narrative therapy skills to ‘shift the blame’ away from the people and onto the problem (the relationship).
  • An experiential appreciation of the client’s perspectives through the use of actors
  • This course is available for participants who wish to work in a child focussed way.