Online Zoom – Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) Awareness and Understanding Day

Online Zoom – Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) Awareness and Understanding Day

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The FMC has just published the new standards and requirements for Child Inclusive Mediation practice and training WHICH COME INTO FORCE ON 1/9/18.  Click here to view.

Trainer. Beverley Sayers

This course has been approved by the Family Mediation Council (FMC).

This one day course will bring you up to date with the changes and the new FMC standards. There is the requirement for ALL mediators to integrate elements of CIM into their regular practice and to be able to discuss with parents, from the Assessment meeting onwards, ways in which ‘the voice of the child’ may be heard.

It will give you experience in understanding how CIM works in practice and how to approach CIM with parents, along with the opportunity to consider its benefits and when it may be inappropriate.
The course will offer a range of input, discussions, role play  and exercises.

This Course is required for All none CIM mediators, accredited or not, including those who do NOT intend to qualify in CIM, as well as those intending to quality in CIM Practice AFTER 1/9/18.

You MUST attend this or another One Day CIM Awareness and Understanding Course :

  1. If you intend to qualify in CIM post 1st September 2018, to be able to see children and young people as part of your mediation practice, then you MUST attend the CIM Awareness Course BEFORE you apply for CIM training.  The first FMA 3 day CIM Course runs 1-3 October – 40 hour/3 Days is the new FMC Standard for these assessed courses, which are open to FMC Accredited Mediators  only.*
  2. IF you are WORKING TOWARDS your FMC Accreditation and submit your portfolio before 1/9/19, you must attend the One Day CIM Awareness Course before your first re-Accreditation date.  If you submit your FMC portfolio on or after the 1/9/19, you must attend a 1 day CIM Awareness course BEFORE you submit your FMC portfolio.
  3. IF you don’t intend to qualify and practice as a CIM Mediator, you still need to attend an CIM Awareness Course by 1/1/20, or your first post 2018 re-accreditation date, whichever is the later date. (The course can count as your annual CPD).

You do NOT need to attend this CIM Awareness Course….you (along with those CIM Qualified) will be required to attend a different One Day CIM UPDATE Course, by 1/1/20 or your first post 2018 re-accreditation date, whichever is the later.  There are also additional CPD and practice requirements for DCC/CIM Mediators from 1/9/18.