Online – Increasing Empathy in your mediation practice

Online – Increasing Empathy in your mediation practice

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Online Course 2 hours

There is a consensus that empathy is a good idea in mediation. If the feelings, needs and values of clients are continually acknowledged in a way that reassures their nervous systems, they are more likely to move through judgement and stuckness and into a space of collaboration.

Empathy can also be helpful for you as a mediator if you have judgements of one or both parties (or yourself!), enabling you to develop your capacity for multi-partiality.

Drawing on Nonviolent Communication, this session will share the nuts and bolts of empathy, offer space to hear how you are already utilising Empathy in your sessions, and give an expanded sense of how to enrich your practice with Empathy.

This session will be hosted on zoom, with a mixture of input, discussion and break out spaces for practice.

Trainer: Ceri Buckmaster has been teaching the online series Building Restorative Skills and Systems for several years.

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