How to negotiate for win-win agreements

How to negotiate for win-win agreements

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Words can reassure and words can escalate. How you frame steps towards agreement can make a huge difference in clients’ willingness to shift from fixed positions and move towards a win-win agreement that works for all.

In this 2 hour session, we will look at negotiation principles that take us and our clients in the direction of win-win agreements. We will explore:

  • Why use Shared Considerations?
  • How to draw out Shared Considerations with your clients
  • How to use the Shared Considerations as a guiding principle in your negotiation.
  • How to create options for win-win, how to navigate obstacles and seek openings.
  • How this applies to your cases.

Here are examples of Shared Considerations

We want a solution that:

Supports the wellbeing of the child

Enables sustainability of each partner

Enables growth and learning for all

Gives space and time for self-care for each partner

Gives space and time for rebuilding of our lives

Acknowledges individual effort and sacrifice of each partner

This sessions draws on principles of Nonviolent Communication, Convergent Facilitation and William Ury’s work on Getting to Yes.


Ceri Buckmaster

Ceri has been offering sessions for FMA for several years on increasing Empathy in your Mediation practice. She is a mediator and communication coach, working in various large and small scale organisations to increase collaboration and to move through conflict effectively.