Getting to Yes and getting past No

Getting to Yes and getting past No

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Most Mediators have a copy of Getting to Yes sitting somewhere on their bookshelves.

We know that it’s supposed to be a foundational text for much of the work we do, but it can be hard to remember exactly what and why.

This webinar tries to reconnect us with the work of Fisher and Ury, which includes not only Getting to Yes, but also Getting Past No, Beyond Reason, The Third Side and Beyond Machiavelli.

Collectively, there is a mine of insights, suggestions and techniques in these books. And while a two hour webinar cannot possibly unearth everything, we can remind ourselves why Fisher and Ury are held in such high regard in the fields of conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation.

The webinar is focused on practice, rather than just on theory.

The aim is to give ourselves more options and choices – in how we think and how we engage.

If there are any handouts or materials, they will be distributed prior to the event.


Michael Jacobs