FMA Annual Conference 26 – 27 September 2018

FMA Annual Conference 26 – 27 September 2018

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“Diversities and directions: distraction or destruction?

The design, evolution, challenge and joy of standards in mediation”

FMA Conference 26-27 September 2018

How do standards affect you as a practising family mediator – do they help to structure what you offer clients or do they make it more difficult for you to provide what clients need? What can we learn from other types of mediation; how can their standards and practices inform the practice of family mediation? What benefits has accreditation given us and what problems has it generated? This year’s FMA conference explores these questions and others, with help from the members of the Family Mediation Standards Board, who are in the process of setting and reviewing the standards, and from Sir Alan Ward, who has for many years been the Chair of the Civil Mediation Council.

The conference will provide an opportunity for wide-ranging discussion about models and standards, with contributions from mediators working in a variety of different contexts and at different stages of their professional journey. The first day provides you with a vital opportunity to talk to the FMSB directly about which standards are important to you and the families you work with and which are not. We want to support the FMSB in its goal of developing standards that make the family mediation profession stronger, emphasising in particular the need to promote creativity rather than stifling it, without making the pathway into the profession any harder than it needs to be. The second day provides an opportunity to talk to civil mediators about their experiences of standards and also to address, through our workshops, some of the key professional training requirements of re-accreditation.

All of this in the convivial atmosphere of the FMA’s annual conference, in our 30th year, with our Gala Dinner giving us all a special excuse to celebrate life as a family mediator with other people who understand just how rewarding and challenging our profession can be.