Defining your target client market & marketing your offer accordingly.

Defining your target client market & marketing your offer accordingly.

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The internet has changed the way clients consume everything, including mediation. As a result of the long lockdown, they may become ever more adept at locating the services they want and need. Will they emerge, much more sensitive to the efficiencies of cost, time and process?
As service providers, we can take advantage of the more discriminating marketplace by clarifying for ourselves our “ideal” client. In doing so, we are able to make our work lives more fulfilling. Casting a smaller net can yield a bigger catch. By inviting the public to understand what they can expect in working with you, expectations are managed on both sides.
This interactive workshop will explore the reflections and actions that help you build the client base you want to work with and how to attract them.

“My interest in conflict resolution extends back to my childhood. My dad was often called upon to bring parties together in our community- sometimes it was family businesses, other times labour disputes and once a prominent family facing strife and discord. I have had a fortunate career following in his large footsteps. My law career merged with dispute resolution in the 1990’s, first when I became a mediator and a few years later when Collaborative Law started to blossom. My work with couples and families along with my great privilege to train and educate others, has made for a rewarding professional life. It is my hope that those who engage in the practice of conflict resolver can find joy and satisfaction in their important work. “ Marion Korn

Marion is a lawyer with a Master’s degree in law, specializing in Dispute Resolution. She is a certified Mediator and an international trainer, offering courses and workshops in Canada, UK, Australia and US. Marion is the author of When Harry Left Sally: Finding your way through Grey Divorce, a client focussed guide to making good choices. She has been a principal in a mediation company, Mutual Solutions, offering clients a streamlined, interdisciplinary, cost effective mediation service. Marion resides in Toronto Canada with her husband and they travel often to the UK to visit their children and grandchildren.

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