Integrated Mediation for experienced mediators

Integrated Mediation for experienced mediators

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Integrated Family Mediation for experienced mediators

Integrated Family Mediation (IFM) is not itself a new model but rather an approach or perspective which encourages the integration of many different strategies and theoretical bases from a variety of disciplines, to provide flexibility and opportunity for families. IFM also encourages the integration of other professionals and supporters into the process, not least in lawyer-assisted mediation.

This course is for mediators who want to adopt an holistic and flexible approach, drawing on a variety of skills, strategies and resources. It is particularly suitable for mediators who are interested in inviting lawyers and other professionals into the mediation space and in making use of strategies used by non-family mediators and others, in a principled and professional way.

Traditionally, advanced mediation training has focussed on increased specialisation such as Child Inclusive Practice and PPC training. Here is an opportunity to broaden your practice – like its sister discipline, Integrative Therapy, this approach (evolutionary, rather than new) is against fragmentation, and provides a way of develop your mediation training and expertise to a higher, more ambitious level, to meet the challenges of a world in which we are told “mediation is the default.”

A new on-line two-day course from FMA for accredited family mediators (those working towards accreditation but with a significant amount of mediation experience may also apply, with the support of their PPC)



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A new on-line two-day course from FMA  with

Philippa Johnson and Neil Robinson


Philippa Johnson and Neil Robinson

The course will particularly cover

Lawyer-supported mediation and collaboration with others

Working in and out of separate spaces and managing confidences

Integrating approaches from civil mediation and other dispute resolution models

And so each venture
Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate,
With shabby equipment always deteriorating
In the general mess of imprecision of feeling,
Undisciplined squads of emotion.

(TS Eliot Four Quartets)

Mediators have been experimenting for many, many years with models that straddle the civil and family fields, with caucusing and the use of separate spaces, with the presence of lawyers and other professional supporters, and with modified forms of confidentiality.

Is this a new “hybrid” civil/ family model that requires a fresh qualification/ certificate?

Or is it simply a natural extension of the family mediator’s ability to work creatively and within boundaries, where what is required are confidence, experience, practice and an appropriate theoretical basis?

If – like us – you believe it’s the latter, do join us on this two-day on-line course where we will explore:

  • Integrating new approaches and frameworks
  • Working in separate spaces and together
  • Working with lawyers and others in the room
  • Designing new models to meet the needs of challenging clients and situations
  • The flexibility of online work
  • The positive impact of separate sessions
  • Secrets, lies and confidences
  • Seeing mediation as a process rather than a set of separate meetings
  • Keeping control of boundaries and core principles