John Kermode

John Kermode is a Family Mediator, Registered Practitioner Psychologist, a qualified teacher and he holds an appointment as General Visitor to the UK Court of Protection.

He trained as a family mediator in 2009 and has qualified in Direct Consultation with Children in 2014.

He mainly works  as  a family mediator on the Isle of Man with Tina Hall as ‘Logis Family Mediation’, but also still works as an independent Psychologist applying   his experience in  the assessment and the treatment of behavioral difficulties within family contexts and the evaluation of the contributions of within child, family and environmental factors to presenting difficulties.

He is the Chair of the Isle of Man Family Mediation Network and Deputy Chair of the Isle of Man Parole Committee.

John’ family name “Kermode’ typical originates from the Isle of Man. His family is from the Island where he was brought up.

After completing his professional training he worked on the Isle of Man for 28 years and managed the Special Education Needs Service Isle of Man Government before retiring.

In 2013 he contributed a sample of his DNA to a study undertaken by the University of Leicester.  He was told that he “was part of a set of ~80 carefully recruited males representing a genealogically-localised sample for the Isle of Man.”  The study set out to ask “how the geographical distributions of Y-chromosome lineages in the Isle of Man have been shaped by migration and contact with these other people, including Norwegian Vikings. “

His own results appeared to prove that he is not a Viking and he personally disavows any inkling to engage in, purported, Viking traditions of pillage.

As a hobby he scuba dives, teaches people to dive, teaches and examines scuba diving instructors for the British Sub Aqua Club, holding the qualifications of First Class Diver and National Instructor. He also acts as an Adventurous Training Instructor for the Royal Navy where he teaches Cadets to be Scuba Divers.