CIM Guidance during COVID-19

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The FMA Online Guidance has been well received, and in the same spirit of sharing considerations and tips we have prepared some brief thoughts on Online Child Inclusive Mediation for FMA Members.
Please find below two main documents, and two supporting ones:
·       Child Inclusive Mediation during the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown – The Dilemma
·       Online Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) in the time of Covid 19 Coronavirus
·     CIM form v1.1
·       Child Inclusive Mediation
You’ll find that any other “standard” documents you use will also need modification, along with the Online Agreement to Mediate amendments we included last week.
Please be cautious. We are NOT recommending undertaking Online Child Inclusive Mediation. The key issues to balance will be the difficulties of trust as to confidentiality and potential parental influence, and of safeguarding. A case by case decision is crucial and for many cases, Online Child Inclusive Mediation may not be suitable because of the risks identified in the guidance notes. Some of you may think that Online Child Inclusive Mediation is anathema, in which case do think carefully about what signposting or online materials you can offer instead. Others will feel willing to respond on a case by case basis, in which case please giving pause for thought should you be considering undertaking Online Child Inclusive Mediation. In all decisions, please involve your CIM PPC and colleagues.
With very best wishes.
FMA Child Inclusive Mediation trainers