How non-practicing membership works

Non-practising associate membership is designed for non-practising family mediators, or family mediators practising abroad after completing foundation training, who wish to retain a connection with FMA. A non-practising mediator should not hold themselves out to be a practising mediator in England and Wales, and non-practising associate members will therefore not be included in the find a mediator database. Non-practising associate members cannot vote, but do receive our newsletters, and are entitled to the training discounts we offer.

If you are currently non-practising, but want to return to practice, you must have been formally approved before you carry out any mediation and must apply in writing to convert to a practising associate member providing a detailed PPC letter in support, setting out all relevant circumstances. Refresher or transitional training is likely to be required, especially if you are returning from abroad.

The fee for becoming a non-practising associate member in 2023 is £75.