How affiliate membership works

Whether you are an Independent financial advisor (IFA), Pensions advisor, a play therapist, family therapist, a child consultant or another professional with an active interest in family mediation, joining the FMA as an affiliate will offer you an opportunity to be a part of the mediation community.

Often, during the mediation process other professional (such as above) can be brought in to work within the process or externally, depending on the complexities of individual cases.

As an FMA affiliate you will be able to enjoy the members benefits of the new FMA App where you will receive news updates, be able to chat to other members about what is happening and offer your skills to family mediators in your area. You will receive training discounts and be able to use the FMA affiliate logo. Also, your professional details will be added to our website so that you can be easily found.

So, if you do have an active interest in family mediation and would like to become an affiliate, you will be required to subscribe to the FMC Code of Practice.  Applications can only be made by individuals, rather than companies or organisations.

The benefits of membership include the FMA newsletter and updates; training discounts; access to the members’ section of the website; and use of the FMA affiliate version of the logo.

Are you someone who has an active interest in mediation, without being a practising mediator, who would like to become an affiliate member of the FMA?

 How affiliate membership works

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